Adecco principles

Adecco principles 

We inspire individuals and organizations to work more efficiently and successfully, providing a wide range of services in recruiting and employment for the benefit of everybody.

As the world leader in HR services we have constant contact with people, every year our business positively influences the lives of millions of people and we are aware of our global role in the development of personnel management.

Our position as market leader is based on the effective combination of our experience, innovation and enthusiasm, along with the motivation to find solutions that meet needs of our customers.

Adecco solves a wide range of recruiting problems and provides excellent career opportunities to it's temporary employees.

Adecco's role is to harmonize the needs of job seekers and employers by providing the right solutions both in temporary and permanent staffing. Managing millions of employees around the world, we still preserve the individual and localised approach.

From local businesses to multinationals, Adecco has the people and infrastructure to meet changing human resources needs, with more control, better information and higher performance.

Our goal is to ensure the implementation of the global Adecco concept «better work, better life». We contribute to candidate's professional and career achievements, as we belive that people satisfied with their work and fulfilled professionally perform to the best of their ability.

Our main principle
is the every day implementation of this long-term business vision. We know that our hard-work, dedication and extensive professional experience bring the spirit of «better work, better life» to life. Our strong belief is that proving value and exceeding all expectations of service can be based only on full understanding of market.

As a global company, we are aware that traditional forms of employment will be evolving in the future. For this reason, we wish to provide present and future generations with the possibility of seeing these changes now, so that they are ready to on take tomorrow's challenges with confidence and an understanding of future jobs.