Education Students Program

Education Students Program 

What is reason for problems of unemployment for young people? The lack of motivation or the lack of information?!

The urgency of this question backed-up by statistics and the sentiments of the students themselves who are beginning to look for a job, because these days education often fail to prepare students for the employment process. A survey of the Institute of Family and Youth, showed more than 50% of students in Ukraine are not sure if they will work after graduation.

Adecco, in turn, during a crucial period in the crisis - late 2008 to early 2009, conducted a large-scale survey among students of different specialties in Kiev with the help of student placement center, which opened at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Against crisis tendencies of a labor market: transition from a «candidate's market» to an «employer's market», growth of unemployment among «white collar workers», hiring freezes in many companies – a situation the student-candidate was also disappointing.

Graduates of Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University are the most popular among the Companies to work for (according to an annual national survey), but students are not always informed about all their job opportunities.

This problem has both objective and subjective reasons. Results show that 70% of students had experience during their studies; more than 50 % had this experience on 2-3 course, and from them more than 50% could not find work on a specialty. Among the difficulties in employment, students singled out: time coordination of work and study, find a job part-time; lack of practical skills in the desired field; employer reluctance to take the student.

In addition, Adecco interviewed among the Clients in Ukraine what difficulties in employing students. Most of the companies identified the following points: irresponsibility, absence of concentration in practice, lack of knowledge in the professional sphere, lack of practical skills, superficial knowledge, lack of communication skills and experience in business etiquette, as well as the discrepancy of stated ambitions.

Based on survey data and personal experience of it's recruiters, Adecco provides its erroneous behavior tendencies of modern students, which prevents a stable competitive situation in the labor market:

  • Waiting for graduation diploma (students believes that the search for work as a graduate will be more successful with the diploma).
    ADVICE: to break an employment barrier already on 4-5 courses – do training or work during spare time.
  • Employment «somewhere».
    ADVICE: work with the understanding of future career goals is very important, you need to explore employment opportunities.
  • The exaggerated ambitions.
    ADVICE: Rationality in decisions and your priorities for the future work should guide your conduct in respect of the employer. It is better to estimate the possibilities realistically.
  • Incorrectly written resume, with mistakes.
    ADVICE: the CV is your first «meeting» with the employer – be careful when you make.
  • Mistakes at interviews: excessive excitement, deducing of a question on the salary on the foreground, an inadequate estimation of the professional qualities, the inability to respond to the «trap» of recruiters.

«Motivation steps»

In order of size: experience, perspective career, job in a prestigious company, side job, salary

Comprehension of the future professional way should be the main thing for the student of any specialization already on 2-3 course. It is very important to concentrate on the more narrow specialization in high school and consider themselves of the opportunity to practice during studying.

By experience of our company employment to students in training, practice, stationary and temporary job is offer basically by the companies of the given sphere:

  • IT and Telecommunications: international and Ukrainian IT company
  • Engineering and technicians: the electrotechnical international companies
  • Legal and financial assistance: banks, consulting companies, investment funds
  • Sales and marketing: FMCG, advertising agencies, publishing houses, the big supermarkets
  • HR and administrative staff: FMCG

Adecco is also recruiting students on training, training in corporate administrative culture, working with a databases and the study of the labor market. We want present and future generations to have seen their opportunity now and be able to meet tomorrow's challenges with confidence and a firm understanding of further change in the workplaces of the future.