An Interview is, as a rule, the most important part of the employment process. How then to impress and stand out against a background of other candidates?

- Come prepared! A well prepared candidate gives the impression of a confident, competent
and reliable person

- Study the information about company. The interviewer may ask a question such as “What do you know about our company?” You’ll make a good impression, if you show you are well informed and interested in the company.

- Be ready to give reasons why you consider yourself to be the best candidate for this
position. Which qualifications will make them think you are the better than the competition?

- Before the interview define your personal goals. An interviewer may ask about the short - and long- term professional goals

- Know your strengths and weaknesses! Mention those weaknesses, which you think are 
not needed in the work you are applying for. Present your weaknesses as a quality you are
going to improve. Your courage in pointing out weaknesses will be appreciated

- Prepare in advance the questions you would like to ask the interviewer. Remember, by asking  questions, you will make an impression on your interviewer of an active and sociable person

Important  things to remember during your interview:

• Behave politely, confidently and calmly
• Choose clothing appropriate for the meeting, and come some slightly early
• Present yourself enthusiastically and don‘t forget to smile
• Stay calm and control your facial expression and gestures
•  Make eye contact with the interviewer and behave naturally
• Comment positively on your former employers.
• Answer honestly and directly. If a question is not clear to you, you can always ask the
interviewer to clarify it
• Be honest and realistic when describing your professional knowledge
• Observe the interviewer’s reaction and try to interpret it to inform your answers 

Remember that your behavior and your appearance is as important as what you say during the interview.