Outstaffin with Adecco 

Adecco registers the Client’s staff, chosen by the Client or any other provider, on to its own payroll on fixed-term employment contracts, thus becoming the official employer.

Adecco is responsible for payroll accounting and payment, deduction of necessary taxes, personnel administration and compliance with the Labour Code of Ukraine.

Outstaffing provides an opportunity to:

  • Replace specialists quickly
  • Avoid possible labour disputes
  • Reduce material costs
  • Reduce the personnel in staff list, actually keeping unchanged number of employees
  • Optimize such characteristics as labour intensity, labour costs, output, etc. (efficiency characteristics)

Adecco tasks:

  • Recruitment (if necessary)
  • Enrollment of employee to company’s staff and registration of labour relations
  • Personnel administration
  • Registration of sick leave, vacations
  • Maintaining timesheets
  • Registration of staff’s travel and other expenses
  • Payroll accounting and payment
  • Payment of all taxes and fees according to the Legislation
  • Maintaining accounts
  • Reporting to the tax office and pension fund
  • Monthly reporting
  • Full compliance with the Ukrainian Labour Code requirements
  • Health and safety instructions at the enterprise
  • Liability insurance