Payroll & HR Administration

Adecco Payroll & HR Administration 

People are the core of any business and they deserve an excellent HR-administration and Payroll service to motivate them. Adecco's payroll service is always consistent with the client’s requirements and Adecco's data processing fully confirms to the client’s policies as well as to Ukrainian law.

Why to use this service:

  • Free up time to concentrate on core business objectives
  • Reduce overloading on internal teams
  • Increased volume of work with a limited number of staff in your HR and accounting departments
  • Delegation of risks
  • The need to issue documents promptly
  • The need to transfer permanent costs to variable ones

The individual approach to the personnel management service for each client includes:

Payroll accounting

  • Analysis and processing of the personnel and primary documents at payroll accounting
  • Payroll accounting (calculation of vacation, sick leave, compensation for unused vacation etc.)
  • Coordination of charges and deductions under Ukrainian law for different categories of employees
  • Filling in and accounting of the expense reports
  • Preparation and submission of the mandatory and individual accountability to the relevant authorities in time as per Ukrainian legislation
  • Advice on payroll accounting

HR administration

  • Preparing and maintaining the necessary personnel information (order on employment, dismissal, bonus, compensation, trip, etc)
  • Maintaining orders registry
  • Developing the personnel arrangements
  • Accounting and administration of employees’ work cards
  • Preparing and registering labour contracts
  • Time and attendance (preparation of timesheets)
  • Maintaining employees’ personal files
  • Preparing various statements on employees’ request (income from employment, etc.)
  • Advice on personnel administration

Instructing staff on accident prevention and fire safety in the work place