Recruitment Support

Recruitment Support 

Providing Recruitment Support, Adecco performs one or more functions of your HR department. Adecco can also take responsibility for the following processes:

  • Advertising in mass media
  • CV selection
  • Conducting telephone interviews
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Testing/assessment centers
  • Checking recommendations
  • Statistics maintenance
  • Human Resources management

Lines of Аdecco`s activity:

  • Legal and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HR and Office Administration
  • Medicine and Science
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Engineering and Technical

Adecco has at it's disposal the people and infrastructure to meet modern Human Resources needs. Our highly professional team can manage recruitment services for medium and large companies as well as multinational corporations.

Why use Recruitment Support:

  • New projects
  • Seasonal work
  • Limit of time and resources in HR department