Temporary Staffing

Adecco Temporary Staffing 

Temporary staffing is one of Adecco's fundamental strengths and one of the most effective ways to mobilize human capital. Adecco provides temporary staff (who are registered as Adecco employees) for special temporary projects (from 4 hours to 5 years).

This service includes all stages of recruitment with subsequent employment as Adecco staff for your maximum flexibility. Adecco consultants will quickly recruit temporary staff for various business needs.

Adecco tasks:

  • Finding and attracting candidates
  • Candidate selection
  • Recruitment
  • Training (introduction)
  • Conclusion of labour contract with employee
  • Payroll accounting
  • Personnel administration
  • Management and control

The reasons of using such service by company:

  • Restrictions on hiring permanent staff
  • The need to attract additional staff to perform special projects
  • The need to replace temporarily absent staff (for the period of vacation, illness or maternity leave of permanent staff)
  • Seasonal prevalence in production processes
  • Reducing risks associated with the hiring of low-skilled and not key employees
  • Busy schedule

Using this service, the Customer is able to:

  • focus on core business goals and objectives
  • avoid permanent liabilities with respect to personnel
  • become more flexible in managing staff
  • transfer personnel costs from permanent to variable
  • reduce amount of work in financial and HR departments
  • shift the possible risks to service provider